+ servant leaders outside of government on a local, national, regional or international spheres


According to the Bible, God supplies a plethora of Bible-based + Results Driven principles for non-government organizations in service to those who have less whether because of a need for post-traumatic disaster relief, an armed conflict humanitarian aid distribution crisis or a economic or political implosion. Jesus Christ Himself reveals that … the Son of man came not to be served but to serve … Mark 10:45 ~

non-gov·ern·ment or·ga·ni·za·tion | Arawak Global Management Consulting℠ professional services offer guidance in modeling servant leadership and strategy management specifics in the name of service to those who have less. Your non-government organization’s role will maximize external opportunities through implementation of Bible-based principles as our past clients have in India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia and Nepal. It takes specially gifted servant leaders to work outside of government in a local, regional, national or international sphere and develop, support and sustain non-government organizational growth. Our professional consulting services are:



non-gov·ern·ment or·ga·ni·za·tion | arawak global management consulting℠


A Sense of Community was looking for guidance on developing and funding eighteen new vocational training community initiatives for refugee populations. Our annual budget proposals answered the necessary questions to green-light all proposed initiatives. Our internal financial discussions answered the funding allocation questions to sustain the vocational training. Our on-premises support brought together the multiple initiative leaders to facilitate results-driven tangible outcomes in the decision-making process of implementing community initiatives on schedule! Our non-gov·ern·ment or·ga·ni·za·tion | Arawak Global Management Consulting℠ professional services are especially experienced in Jordan and Kurdistan for providing professional services to agricultural concerns.


  • an initial internal financial discussion with corresponding feasibility analysis;
  • second, our budget proposal writing service for external stakeholders includes detailed financial management forecasts;
  • third, funding mechanics including identifying angel investors, bank loans, and venture capital options to sustain community initiatives;
  • fourth, human capital resources and organizational culture non-governmental-specific metrics and recommendations;
  • fifth, web design and search optimization strategies;
  • and, sixth, winning community engagement and follow-up to encourage participation.

Personal development

What are your courage/risk-taking abilities? The one perspective that you defend above all else? Compare/contrast your courage/risk-taking abilities in making non-government organizational decisions.



Effective non-government organizational decision-making requires other-centered servant leadership. What actions, conduct and deeds do you pro-actively exhibit that glorifies our Lord?

John 13


Our Lord Jesus Christ in heaven is Just … an Advocate and Judge … and so must be every biblical servant leader. Non-government-organization teams thrive in justice.

AMOS 5:24 · MICAH 6:8

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people,” Ephesians 6:7 ~