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To deliver to our clients Bible-based results-driven professional global management consulting services ~

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To be the premier Bible-based results-driven professional global management consulting provider ~



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To employ Bible-based results-driven professional global management consultants regardless of age, national origin, or physical disability ~




Greetings, my name is Juan Luis Méndez Sánchez MBA. Thank you for making time to con·tact us | Arawak Global Management Consulting. The concept for our professional global consultative practice comes from God the Father; God the Son; and God the Holy Spirit. After meditating with, and praying to Him, I sought to maximize my Christian, private-university graduate education for His glory and honor. God graciously led me to transform a formerly secular local consulting firm into an entrepreneurial professional global consultative practice where His leadership principles from His Written Word; and, my graduate school management strategy skills complement one another to create Bible-based, results-driven solutions that clients genuinely adopt and incorporate into their private or public-sector entity while glorifying and honoring the Living Perfect God of the Bible. Worldly professional global consultants seek clients, wooing them to get hired for projects and then repeat the process once the project completes, Arawak Consulting is blessed that the Triune God of the Bible provides a better way: He brings us the clients!

con·tact us | Arawak Global Management Consulting℠ serves faith-based and secular clients in India, Israel, Jordan, Nepal, Turkey, and the USA. We deliver Bible-based, results-driven professional global consulting services to companies and government entities that seek God’s perfect input to improve their private or public-sector role. As long as companies and government entities think and operate by their own means, no matter how clearly, how humanly exaltedly, they will never surpass the summits of earthly solutions. No matter what values of human nobility and traditional refinement they lean on, something better must take place: results-driven solution from Above. Over the past decade and a half, God has been raising multiple professional business consultants like us which is very encouraging and makes our profession much more rewarding for His glory and honor!

Founded in January 2003, Arawak Consulting℠ went through an establishment phase from 2003 to 2005. This was followed by a local growth phase from 2006 to 2010. A hiatus in 2011 transformed our global management consulting services from a secular business model to a Bible-based results-driven model. Arawak Consulting℠ then experienced a regional expansion phase from 2012 to 2017. Since 2018, Arawak Consulting℠ is blessed to successfully deliver professional global consulting practice services to all who are eager to incorporate Biblical principles into their for-profit or non-profit private sector, or their government public-sector agency or department. Our current and past internship teams have consistently brainstormed ideas and recommendations successfully for our clients. Arawak Consulting℠ differs from competitors because the Biblical principles for business success and managing government have a timeless relevance: honor the God of the Bible. The Bible is practical in communicating God’s perspective to fundamental management questions like leader qualifications, accountability, communicating vision, conflict management, long-range planning, human resources development, situational leadership, organizational behavior and structure, systems thinking, team building, time management, and healthy alliances. God’s Written Word equips business and government leaders for a successful relationship with the God of the Bible while at the same time increasing their goals for business or government. Again, thank you for making time to learn con·tact us | Arawak Global Management Consulting.

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If your entrepreneurial idea or small business; national, regional, state, or local agency or department; non-government organization; or refugee protection non-profit is ready for Bible-based principles to succeed through Arawak Consulting then kindly contact us to learn a·bout us | Arawak Consulting Global Management Consulting:


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