bible-based SUCCESS

bible based global management consulting

for-profit biblical decision making –

Get to know Bible based for-profit team building values, vision and wisdom.

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non-profit Business Plan Workshop –

Learn core empowerment components of Biblical business plan writing.

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refugee Entrepreneurial Outreach –

Understand how and why entrepreneurial businesses build communities.

on-going dates/times available

Arawak Global Management Consulting’s℠ upcoming events are free to the public. The Bible is not commonly thought of as a business book but it offers countless leadership principles for Bible-based global management consulting with results driven long-term successful solutions for for-profit business, non-profit entrepreneurial ventures, government and non-government/non-profit organizations. From the principles in Scripture, we learn the ins-and-outs of accountability, communicating vision, Kingdom economy and conflict management. We also learn bench marking excellence, double-loop learning, encouragement, exhortation, healthy alliances, humility, integrity, interpersonal work place relationships, leadership development and qualifications, long-range planning while managing human resources, quality control, prioritized decision making, self-discipline, servant leadership, situational leadership, systems thinking, team building, time management, values, vision and wisdom. There are principles for change innovation, power and influence. Come take advantage of our upcoming events and get to know Arawak Global Management Consulting℠ for private-sector for-profit or non-profit businesses or learn core components of business plan writing as a living document. Understand how/why entrepreneurial businesses build communities. All these principles and more are contained in the Bible. The best is yet to come when we believe and entrust our for-profit businesses or non-profit entrepreneurial ventures, government agencies and departments and non-government/non-profit organizations to the leadership and strategy management principles available through and taught in the Bible. Our professional services are Bible-based global management consulting and results-driven so that all business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders in position of government authority and non-government-organization/non-profit champions can master the leadership principles in dependence and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. Bible based global management consulting private-sector for-profit and/or non-profit. Arawak Global Management Consulting℠ does not discriminate in providing services only to believers and welcomes non-believers to have faith in the Bible’s leadership principles.