+ by God’s grace, independently owned private academies organized as profitable business for His glory

Children who excel early in education defines the unmistakable rewards of faith-based private academies. Nationally and internationally being the best in scholastic achievements defines these workplaces. We encourage, help manage and spiritually support private academies to expand the Kingdom of our Lord by our actions defining who we are as community small business owners per 1 Timothy 4:6-16 ~ what we do in our work-place conduct per 2 Timothy 1:3-7 and how we perform our deeds privately and publicly per 2 Timothy 2 ~

Our ed·u·ca·tion | Arawak Global Management Consulting℠ professional services offer business guidance in private education leadership, risk assessment and strategy management principles specific to existing and new faith-based organizations. These primary and secondary academies, and institutions of higher learning, are the backbone of biblical education for youths and young adults. Our Scripture principles for managing and sustaining academic growth increase student merit-based scholastic achievements glorifying Jesus Christ. Our viable education management professional services benefit and sustain our client’s economic growth.

Our ed·u·ca·tion | Arawak Global Management Consulting℠ professional services delivered successfully to our past clients include:

  • first, developing a competitive high-level of expertise for those with extensive teaching hours in the industry which they serve;
  • second, streamlining secondary school test-taking processes;
  • third, lesson planning strategies including identifying activity incentives, team-building possibilities, and achievement improvements;
  • fourth, design of, and implementation of resources and organizational behavior/culture benchmark metrics for long-term industry presence;
  • fifth, accurate web design and detailed search optimization strategies;
  • and, sixth, winning marketing research and polished technical writing reports.



ed·u·ca·tion | Arawak Global Management Consulting℠


American University of Kurdistan’s College of Business includes extensive coursework emphasis on learning the Oil and Petroleum Iraqi industry. This goal requires undergraduate students master accounting, economics and finance theories and their related professional applications as components of profitable business management. Our lesson planning strategies and stewardship challenged the next generation of young adult business professionals to be change agents in their business culture and international reputation. To successfully overcome existing corruption and nepotism, Arawak Global Management Consulting℠ advised boldness and courage where possible to increase transparent business industry practices and protocols.

Bishop School for Boys’ returning eight and ninth-graders were ready to resume studies after a Christmas holiday. Eighty-eight eager students faced a half-year-long academic English literature assignment including stream-lined formative and summative testing procedures. Our lesson planning strategies and stewardship answered the tough questions to successfully maintaining existing education standards in alignment with the International British School’s Middle Years Program; and, where possible successfully increasing student testing scores.

Whitman Academy’s exponential student growth of third culture kids necessitated physical expansion beyond the existing rental property. Our innovative Bible-based business expansion consulting services laid the seeds for increasing student admissions by supporting Whitman Academy’s business expansion vision. A year-long Business Expansion Plan consultations substantially helped direct existing resources and on-going fundraising for the purchase of land on which to build a new school. Our in-office support brought calm, discernment, and wisdom to the decision-making business expansion process while also delivering reliable monthly Alumni and Donor-relations newsletters and social media content in support of the business expansion vision.


Personal development

What is your business world view of excellence in education? Biblical wisdom stands above all else for effective leadership. Discover results-driven principles that enable business to excel in education.



Effective educational leaders posses the unique Holy Spirit abilities to build and manage interpersonal relationships. What relationships does your business have that are mutually beneficial and glorious?



Our Lord Jesus Christ on earth was a Teacher … a Disciple-Maker … and so must be every biblical educational business! What development are you bringing to your educational team?


We say with confidence ‘the LORD is my helper; I will not be afraid.” Hebrews 13:6 ~