+ creative innovative traits God blesses in some who then successfully put their passion to work



The Institute for Faith, Work, & Economics defines Entrepreneurship in the Bible “as a creative act that brings higher levels of satisfaction to people, results in more order, and finds ways to create greater value than existed before.”

Arawak Consulting’s professional services offer proven Biblical, results-driven professional guidance in entrepreneurial leadership and strategy management specifics for all start-up organizations. Our focus is on qualified Personal Development as defined by the Biblical principles of character, commitment, courage/risk-taking, dependence on God, humility, integrity, leadership qualifications, obedience to God, priorities, passion and purpose, self-discipline, values, vision, and wisdom. Your entrepreneurial product or service idea will measurably benefit through-out it’s long-term life-cycle from our professional consulting through:




Global Entrepreneurship Week has built a worldwide presence yet lacked local leaders. Arawak Consulting consistently stepped up-to-the-plate and provided annual leadership to such a degree that we were publicly recognized.

Pure Springs Gospel couldn’t wait to helpp their own get started in a Nashville, TN, upscale women’s clothing retail venture to be called “ashley’s Closet.” Our detailed one (1), three (3), and five (5) year forecast section of our business plan service answered the tough financial questions to green-light the proposed entrepreneurial venture. Our innovative focus group discussions answered the tough demographic questions to green-light the clothing product selection. Our on-call teleconference support brought together the multiple participants (Los Angeles, Nashville) to birth the decision-making process.


  • an initial administrative competitive feasibility analysis;
  • secondly, our business plan writing service for debt or equity investors includes detailed financial management forecasts;
  • thirdly, funding mechanics including identifying angel investors, bank loans, and venture capital options;
  • fourth, human capital resources and organizational culture industry-specific metrics and recommendations;
  • fifth, web design and search optimization strategies;
  • and, sixth, winning marketing research and polished technical writing reports.

Encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worthy of God,” 1 Thessalonians 2:12 ~